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“Feeling like a dog?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I always feel like a dog. Here’s a picture of me out for a Sunday afternoon walk, or sort of.  I’m the one with four legs, white with tan spots, and wet fur, naked as usual.  In a change of roles, it’s my master who wears the leash. He also wears red so as not to get hit.”

“I love paddleboarding.  I don’t need any training for this stuff, four feet helps my balance. I’ll do whatever it takes to get out on the water, even beg.  Hot sun, happy humans moving about havin’ fun, lots of people-watchin’ traffic, suits me perfect. And speaking of suits, I don’t even own one. Ah, a dog’s life; I can even bark here if I feel like it: ‘Come on, comin’ thru’.”

“Oops, I better go forward if I don’t want to sink this thing.”

“Perfect view from up here.  Now I feel like a swim.”

“Dive in, they say, the water’s fine.” Splash. “Ah, fantastic, what a way to spend Sunday.”

Treading water. “Hey, I know that guy over there. I can swim that easily. Bet he’ll give me a lift.”

“This is the life.”

“Yep, knew I was right, a real gentleman.”

“Ah this is great, makes me want to shiver and shake. Oops, didn’t mean to get you wet, sorry.”

“Oh yea, the weekend.  Go to the beach and then paddleboard. No guard-duty, no leash, no kennel, everybody’s outdoors, and best of all, no one to tell you what to do.” ‘Freedom.’ ‘Paradise on earth.’  “Hope it never ends.”