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by Whitt Birnie

DolphinEarth Day morning, 2012.  Bottlenose Dolphin. Ou’a, Fenua.                                                    Whitt08


Shores:  Faratara, Taiarapu, Tahiti. Fenua.

Coastals: Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands.


Islands: The Marquesas.  Nuku Hiva, Taiohae, near Typee valley.

Islands:  Famous Bora Bora.  Fenua.  Motus, rain-showers and lagoons.

Atolls: The Tuamotu archipelago.  Hirifa, Fakarava.  Fenua.  Early morning light.

Coral reefs.

How much longer will life survive on our planet if we continue to abuse our resources?  Rising temperatures, melting glaciers, increasing pollution, flooding of low-lying coasts, fished-out oceans; the scenario looks bleak. What are we planning to leave our children – one more disaster?  Time is certainly running out.  We need to assume responsible change for sustaining and preserving our delicate environment.