by Whitt Birnie

Time to changeThe lagoons of French Polynesia capture the imagination. It’s difficult to break away, unless you have a better destination in mind. I was torn between nature and civilization, eventually giving in to temptation for a return to Papeete.

WhittBirnie A15-02Tetiaroa Island, Brando’s atoll, just to the north of Tahiti, always belonged to royalty and remains a majestic spot, lost in the warm calm waters of the South Pacific.  It was on my way back to Tahiti, so I made an effort to pass nearby and pay my respects.

WhittBirnie A15-04The mountainous southern coast of Tahiti is in great contrast to the low island of Tetiaroa. Simply navigating the passage through the reefs takes total concentration as the currents can be wicked.Whitt Birnie's photosSwells from the Southern Ocean and the ‘Roaring Forties’ excite everyone in the Fenua, especially surfers, but for navigators, attaining a safe anchorage inside the coral reef is the first order of business. Nature delights in showing off.

toata-gardens-2picture-taking-tahitians-whittbirnie_50742Heiva welcome Temaeva kissestrio-temaeva-soft


A pearl heiva-star

Favorite stars of Heiva 01temaeva-entry-2

Favorite Heiva stars in deep-breath

tahitian-heiva dancers-entry-

les-filles-5les-filles-2les-filles-3Heiva eight-at-selfies

WhittBirnie A15-07

Temaeva at Heiva A15-08

Temaeva dancers at Heiva -a15-08b.jpg

Good humor, constant laughter, skill, beauty and happiness endear the Tahitians to everyone. They are truly a remarkable people.  I consider it an honor that they permitted me to record their joy in the Heiva I Tahiti.