Some views are eternal, as is this one. Moorea, seen from Tahiti. 05:41

In the foreground, sand and coral in warm lagoon water, two meters deep. 05:45

Dawn paints the sky pink as the sun, still below the horizon, nears sunrise. 05:49


Nature is fairly remarkable when you think about what she offers. 05:50

An inter-island ship on the horizon plies the channel, homebound to Papeete. 05:50

Banana leaf, small wave on the reef, the freighter, Moorea and the moon. 5:53

The moon turns gold, the ship departs, details in Moorea’s mountains appear. 05:55

Life appears. We need to preserve our precious planet with the Paris Accords. 05:59

If you look closely at the mountain peak to the left, you will see a sacred eye. 06:00

Legend says Mt Mouaputa was pierced with a spear thrown by the demi-god Pai. 06:00

I am forced into words of thanksgiving for another day in an earthly paradise. 06:01

The first rays of sunlight brighten the summit and the endless waves roll on. 06:02

The day begins. Time for a warm swim. Always count your blessings. 06:08