by Whitt Birnie

The rising sun had crossed the Tahitian horizon, stirring the trades. It then climbed behind the mountain until its first rays streamed thru the forest on a summit of Tahiti. Japanese dancers, with long centuries steeped in cultural tradition, have come to Tahiti today to honor another culture, the uniqueness of Tahitian dance. Showing one of the highest respects possible, imitation, they met with delegations from Mexico, Hawaii, California and a few exemplary representatives from Tahiti. Here they submitted to rigorous examination before a select panel of impartial judges, each dancer striving to display their very best at the art and intricate movements of Tahitian ‘Ori. All women are worthy of respect and being treated with due honor, especially now, but these exceptional creatures, mothers, teachers, students and artists, are very special. If you ever get the opportunity to take a course in Ori Tahiti, the fabulous Tahitian dance, take it; schools are starting to open everywhere. Your mind, body and company will be well rewarded.